Refund and Return Policy

Our return/refund policy is straightforward and clear.
With millions sold, we have never had a single issue.
Because we offer free shipping, all Thank You Card sales are final.
The photos and description of our Thank You Cards are accurate.
We guarantee our product to be exactly as described.

For custom printed work, if we make an error, we will provide a refund or reship within 30 days of the order date. We stand by our work.

However, because this is a printed service, we cannot refund user-submitted errors.
We will require photo proof of any errors claimed to be made on our behalf, and we will match it against the data you submitted with your order, so be sure to provide us with 100% accurate information for printing. There are no refunds for errors you make with your order.

Orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail will be insured.
If you have an issue with USPS and need to file an insurance claim, we will provide any information necessary and clear instructions for you to file directly with USPS. We will not make claims for you as it is within your power to file claims you have against the United States Post Office.

That’s it! Guaranteed to get the product you ordered as fast as USPS can work.

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