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Thank You Cards for Positive Reviews on eBay

The number one Thank You Card for eBay Sellers. You are guaranteed to gain more positive feedback when including this beautiful eBay logo colored thank you card with your order to the buyer.

And even though they use the same colors, they are within copyright legality because eBay does not own these colors and they are not displayed in a manner that is to be confused with the eBay logo itself. They are not using any eBay wording, eBay font, eBay logo, or eBay branded designs. They are fully legal under copyright law.

These cards are a perfect way to get your buyer to leave you positive feedback on eBay or any selling platform. They are perfect for eBay Sellers because they have the universally known eBay Logo Color Theme. The card lets the customer know how much you appreciate their business and would love positive feedback in return for your excellent service.

These cards let the buyer know you are willing to work with them if you made any mistake with their order and that you are a five-star seller who deserves positive feedback. This alone could drastically reduce negative feedback left by the buyer.

Mainly for use with eBay.

Get More Positive Feedback on eBay

When you include these cards with the shipment of your order to the buyer, they will understand how important follow-up positive feedback is for you as an eBay Seller.
They are written with precision to gain you more positive feedback on eBay but will work no matter what platform you sell on.
These thank you cards will help boost your positive reviews and increase sales. A cheap, effective way to earn more from your small online eBay Store business.

Increase eBay Sales with More Positive Reviews

How to get more positive feedback to increase your sales rank and store reputation.
Step 1: Thank your customer while asking for Positive Feedback.
Step 2: Get more Positive Feedback.
Step 3: Grow your eBay Store reputation and return customer base.
Step 4: Get more sales.
Step 5: Profit.

Product Details
  • Card Size: 2″ x 3.5″ Standard business card size
  • Full Color: Double sided, full vivid color
  • Gloss Coating: Double sided UV coated glossy
  • Card Stock: 14pt thick cards
  • Color: eBay Logo Colors
  • Made in the USA
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