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Review Feedback Request Cards for Amazon Sellers

This card uses Amazon-approved verbiage for requesting feedback or reviews. It follows the Terms of Service required when including a thank you card or review request card with your FBA or FMB product packages. We even made it very easy for your customers to get to the seller feedback and the product review page separately. These cards will surely help increase your Amazon feedback without breaking any of Amazon’s strict review rules.

Why would you want to increase your review count?

Studies have shown that sellers with higher positive review counts have, on average, an increase in sales of 12%. When a buyer sees more positive reviews, it portrays a level of trust you can’t get without reviews on your seller account. This is why reviews are such a huge black industry with Amazon. Do not fall victim to breaking the rules. Use these approved methods to gain more reviews.

Do Amazon sellers approve this review request card?

We were able to come up with this perfect review request card by working directly with Amazon sellers who were in need of a card to increase their positive reviews while following the rules. We spoke with several large stores that currently include review request cards in all their orders, but they were not completely satisfied with the cards they were using at the time. So after doing all of the research, compiling the results, and getting lots of feedback from large-volume professional Amazon sellers, we came up with this review card design that is guaranteed to work when it comes to boosting your reviews on Amazon. And now we offer it to you.

Get More Positive Seller Feedback and Product Reviews

These cards are only for use with Amazon as they have Amazon-specific approved wording and links for Amazon seller feedback and product reviews on them.
When you include these cards with the shipment of your order to the buyer, they will understand how important follow-up positive feedback is for you, and they will see the difference between a Product Review and Seller Feedback.

Product Details
  • Card Size: 2″ x 3.5″ Standard business card size
  • Full Color: Double-sided, full vivid color
  • Gloss Coating: Double sided UV coated glossy
  • Card Stock: 14pt thick cards
  • Color: Amazon Seller colors with stars
  • Made in the USA
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